I've liked this guy for a year now, he flirts non stop with me and makes me feel really special, he's told me multiple times he'd go out with me and I'd told him I'd wait for him. Only problem is he has a girlfriend that he really likes. Should I continue waiting?

GIRLS SERIOUSLY!? Are we really asking these types of questions? ANY GUY WHO HAS A GIRLFRIEND AND IS FLIRTING WITH YOU OR LEADING YOU ON IS AN ABSOLUTE WANKER. Seriously. They have girlfriends and they’re disrespecting them so much that they’re going behind their backs and flirting with other girls. WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU WANT TO BE WITH A GUY LIKE THAT? If he does it to his current girlfriend, what makes you think he’d be any different if you did eventually get with him? Cheaters are scumbags. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Don’t ever get involved with them, you’re setting yourself up to get hurt.

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