do you like girls who are short, brown hair, hazel eyes, big bum?

Looks mean nothing to me. Personality is where it’s at man.

I admire you so much! Who cares who you fall in love with, boy or girl it shouldn't matter to anyone. It's good to know you're comfortable with your sexuality and it's sad that so many young boys and girls find it so hard to deal with. I'm straight but I find it so upsetting that people feel like they can't show their real sexuality because they're scared? It's SO stupid. It's your sexual preference. YOURS. The world is fucked if it has a problem with who loves who. Basically, GO YOU!👍💕

Well thanks 💁

Signs Best and Worst Qualities


Aquarius- Humanitarian/Unemotional

Pieces- Imaginative/Over Sensative

Aries- Optimistic/Short Tempered

Taurus- Loyal/Self Indulgent

Gemini- Energetic/ Two Faced

Cancer- Maternal/Over Emotional

Leo- Friendly/Impulsive

Virgo- Gifted/ Over Self Critical

Libra- Balanced/Indecisive

Scorpio- Passionate/Moody

Sagittarius- Independent/Unemotional


"If you can see a future without me and that doesn’t break your heart then we’re not doing what I thought we were doing here."
That 70’s Show (via temperare-te) ←
"Funny how they wait ‘till you’re gone just to miss you."
Kanye West (To the World) ←
What's your ideal girl

I honestly don’t think I have one. I’ve fallen for a variety of girls. I can say I’ve always been more attracted to bigger girls. No idea why.